The Dangers of Supplement Fat Burning Pills You Need to Know About

If you’re like most women in today’s world, you really want to change your body and lose a lot of unhealthy body fat. I think inherently, you know that there is no magic bullet that will let you do nothing, but still give you the body you dream of. And yet, most women will buy every fat loss pill on the market before they actually just workout, change their diet, and actually get real results.

But there’s more to this tale than you think. Fat loss pills can be very dangerous and if not dangerous a complete pain in the butt.

First, let’s look at bitter orange. It’s a very popular supplement that increases your energy and decreases your appetite. However, this produces a chemical in your body that is all naturally produced when your in danger. This skyrockets your blood pressure and you really don’t want that in your body all the time because it could cause a stroke if you’re prone to them.

Second, you have hoodia which is a very popular supplement. But get this, these supplements are not regulated so what’s in them is up to the manufacturer and in a recent FDA investigation, 70 different diet pills were found to be spiked with dangerous drugs. That is not just harmful to your body but completely negligent.

Third, you have the very popular fat loss pill called Alli where the active drug is Orlistat. This is the only fat loss pill or formula that is approved by the FDA, but there are some catches to using this. If you eat too much fat (many of the typical foods in our diets) then you will overload your system and suffer oily discharges and you can experience them frequently.

Not just that, but if you take this drug then it’s recommended that you take more fiber to help your digestion because it does affect this. And it also forces your body to not absorb key vitamins like A, D, and E. So you have to take a multivitamin if you take this.

Bottom line: Don’t bother taking any of these fat burning supplements or fat burning drugs. They are not going to work like making a solid lifestyle change and using the right fitness programs. Not to mention the benefits of a good diet and solid workout program, will also help you on a mental level making you happier and giving you more mental energy.

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